How to Make a Fun Quiz for your Website

People love quizzes and the great news is that now you can use it as an online marketing tool to grow your business. In this post I’ll tell you how to make a fun quiz for your website that will help your audience find a solution to a problem, in an engaging way.


Think about it, back in the old days whenever we came across a quiz on a printed magazine, we loved taking it to find out “our relationship style” or “how well we knew our favorite celebrity”.

Nowadays it’s not that different, maybe you’ve already seen posts of your Facebook friends who have taken a personality quiz. In my case, I see this type of posts all the time.

People love taking quizzes because quizzes make them discover new things about themselves in a fun way! 😊

That’s why when I was approached by the Interact team to partner up, I didn’t think it twice.

Interact has an incredibly easy-to-use platform to create beautiful interactive quizzes for your website, blog or social media!

I will briefly describe how I decided the topic of my first quiz and then how I built it, so you can build yours as well!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links for Interact Quizzes where I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. The price you pay does not change.



During meetings with my clients, a topic that frequently comes up is whether or not start a blog for their business.

So, I decided to create a quiz called “Is Blogging Right for You?” which would help my readers discover if they have the skills or the willingness to learn them, necessary to start a blog.


To help my respondents know if they have what it takes to become bloggers, I decided to ask preliminary questions that would let them know what type of blogger they’d be.

For this purpose and to facilitate my work, I used one of the many convenient Interact templates which served me as a base to ask relevant questions, such as:

“Are you a self starter?, Do you like to read?, Do you like to write?, How comfortable are you with technology?, etc”.

As for the results of my quiz, this template also allowed me to segment my audience into three different types of bloggers: Hobby, Casual and Serious. This is very useful, because the tool automatically identifies the future blogger (the “Serious” type), the leads I should focus my efforts on.


My “Is Blogging Right for You?” quiz would serve a double purpose. On one hand, it would help my readers find a solution to a problem (in this case, find out if they should start a blog).

And on the other, it would help me segment my audience based on the results they get, grow my email list and generate leads!

How To Make A Fun Quiz For Your Website

Let’s get now to the thick of it!

As mentioned before, I used the Interact platform to create my quiz. However, do note you may use other available options in the market.

How To Make A Fun Quiz For Your Website

  1. Choose a template, or build your quiz from scratch.

    As I’m approaching this task as an absolute beginner, I decided to use a template to get some inspiration from what’s already been created and save myself tons of time.

    Use a template to make a quiz or build it from scratch

  2. Select the industry relevant to your business (Blogging in my case).

    In my case I selected Blogging. In addition, you can select multiple industries.

    Select a quiz according to your niche

  3. Choose a type of quiz.

    I chose to build a Personality Quiz. Alternatively, you can create other types of quizzes such as Assessment and Scored. To learn more visit: How to Create an Interactive Quiz.

    Select the type of quiz you want to create

  4. Select a relevant quiz template for your topic.

    As you can see in the screenshot below, there are plenty of options. However if none of them suits you, you may request a new one.

    Select the quiz template

  5. Customize your quiz:

    – Use your brand’s assets (logo, font, colors and images).
    – Edit the questions and answers.
    – Connect your email marketing system to your quiz (below you’ll tell you how I did this).

    Here’s a screenshot of the Interact’s quiz builder, which is very easy to use.

    Interact quiz builder Stella Web Studio

Benefits of using a template

Using a template to create my quiz rather than build it from scratch was really convenient because:

  1. Their templates have been proven and tested, so I didn’t have to worry that my questions, answers or results were too far-fetched.
  2. I was inspired by what’s already been created.
  3. Having a busy schedule, I was able to focus on other aspects of my work.


And voilà! This is how my “Is Blogging Right For You?” quiz looks like. Personally, I’m quite satisfied I was able to adapt it to my own brand’s style.


Selecting appropriate questions for my quiz was a breeze thanks to the template I used. What’s more, I was also able to change the questions a bit to imprint my own tone of voice!

As for the style of the answers, I decided to give the quiz a fun twist by mixing text and image answers. Here’s an example of each:

Choosing questions and answers for my interactive quiz
Example of text answers.
Example of Image Answers

Additionally, you can use the stock images available on this tool or upload your own. images.


Regarding the quiz results, the template helped me to divide them into three types of blogging personalities: hobby, casual and serious. For each one of them I wrote a helpful recommendation of what to do next, taking them through a Call-to-Action to my pillar content. In this case, I’m taking my respondents to a useful post that will let them get started with Blogging.

That’s right! Here’s your chance to lead your audience to your primary content pillar or your social media. So, get creative and take this step strategically!


Interact allows you to connect your quiz to several email marketing systems. I connected mine to MailChimp.

From that point, and depending on the results from the quiz, I was able to strategically segment my audience into three categories for which an action would be taken.

Finally, I was able to successfully test the connection between my quiz and MailChimp. It was a really flawless and painless process.


After making sure your quiz works properly, you can publish it and implement it on your website by simply:

  1. Creating a page where you would embed my quiz.
  2. Installing Interact’s plugin for WordPress websites.
Interact offers you several options to start promoting your Quiz!



For a first time experience at building interactive quizzes, it went quite well. I found Interact’s platform very easy to use, and adaptable to my brand. Plus, it comes with live examples from famous brands and influencers.

Moreover, after deciding on my questions, answers, results and recommendations, setting up my quiz was really fast, taking no more than 30 minutes!

Now my next challenge is to build another quiz, but this time from scratch! I can’t wait!.


Quizzes are innovative lead magnet tools that have so much potential to bring new targeted audiences for your business.

Furthermore, they are still underutilized, which means that you could include them in your online marketing strategy to differentiate your business in a saturated digital world.

When done well, people will learn about themselves, have an interest towards your business and ultimately view you as the subject expert.


It’s your turn! Start creating a fun quiz about anything from TV series to science, and implement it on your website, blog or social media with Interact’s platform.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links for Interact Quizzes where I will receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. The price you pay does not change.

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