Why a website is important for my business growth

Why a Website is Important for Your Business Growth

So you have a successful small business, but you’ve been holding yourself back from setting up your website. I get it, there are so many decisions to make. From deciding to DIY or to hire someone, to choosing the right platform to build it.

But now more than ever, having a website is essential to be found online by your dream clients. In this post I’ll explain why a website is important for your business growth by mentioning 8 benefits.

Why a website is important for my business growth

Why a website is important for your business growth?

Here’s the thing: we live in a digital era where a professionally designed website can showcase your products or services to new and existing clients 24 hrs a day, all year round. Moreover, with the way people research for local businesses nowadays, having a website where they can find yours is key.

Here’s the data:

In other words, consumers expect companies to have an online presence and will consider a company that doesn’t have one as less professional.

So, if nowadays people go online to find a business and you want them to choose yours, then you need a website.

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Most common concerns about setting up a website

Creating a website can be challenging. There are so many decisions to take and the technical side can be intimidating. Some common concerns my clients have expressed are:

  • “I already have a successful social media page for my business. I don’t think I need a website” ;
  • “Web design services must be very expensive”;
  • “Business is great, I have a loyal client base already. So I don’t need a website”;
  • “I’d like to build my own website but I don’t know what platform should I use.

I see your point. But building a digital home-base for your business will help to lay out its foundation in the online world. Keep reading to learn 8 great benefits of having a website.

What are the benefits of having a website for my business?

It can help you to:

1 Reach new audiences.

A website can help to get your company in front of new eyeballs: not only those who are on social media (like Facebook), but also on the most important search engines (like Google, Bing, DuckduckGo).

By performing effective SEO techniques, your business can appear on search engines for natural (unpaid) search results.

2 Create a new source of revenue.

A website can help to create new sources of income like selling digital products or services, affiliate marketing, donations, and others. And even though hard work is required to set you up for ecommerce, it’s a long term benefit that’s worth the effort.

3 Be accessible to your clients.

In case of any eventually, a digital home base can help you keep doing business 24hrs a day, all year round. For instance, when social media platforms are down or change their algorithms, your audience can still engage with your brand through your website.

Moreover, with the new reality the COVID-19 lockdown has brought, a website can help you stay on business.

4 Build online credibility

Imagine you’re a big success on Instagram with your fashion sense or your photography talent, and then you start getting the attention of big brands. Where would you like them to see your portfolio or send to you an email? 🤔

Well, I’m sure you’d like to refer them to a beautiful professional website where they can see who you are, your work, and some testimonials. That’s right, you want them to see your business as an authentic one. A website can help you build credibility.

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5 Create authority in your industry

By publishing content regularly on your website about your knowledge on a topic, you’ll be seen as the leading expert in your niche. Moreover, you can promote that content to other social media channels, right from your website.

See How to grow your email list and show off your expertise with a quiz.

6 Cultivate trust for your business

Blogging regularly about your craft and sharing your knowledge with your audience, can help you build a connection with them. In other words, by evolving your website into a blog, you can earn your reader’s trust.

See “Why Start a Blog for My Business?”

7 Brand positioning

By building a website with a consistent look and feel, people will start recognizing your brand’s voice. It can help you to stand out among a sea of competitors.

8 Keep your audience

By implementing an Email Marketing System (EMS) on your website, you can build an audience through email subscriptions. But most importantly, you can keep that audience. So, whenever there’s an eventuallity like a change in a social media’s algorithm, you can still engage with your readers.

What are the benefits of having a website for my business

Where do I get started?

If you’re ready to set up your website, then the next step is deciding to either DIY or to hire someone to help you out. Either way, start by making a careful assessment of your budget, time and willingness to learn.

Next, get informed on the most popular website builders nowadays. To help you find out the right choice, I’ve set up the follwing free quiz.

Take the first step

Having your own website can bring new possibilities for your business’s growth. From reaching your ideal clients, to creating new streams of income. Moreover, a website is an essential tool to keep your business thriving throughout the COVID19 lockdown.

That said, grab your spot in the digital world and get a website today!

Get online and look professional

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