Why a Website is Important for Your Small Business Growth

So you run a successful small business, but you’ve been holding yourself back from creating a website.

In this post I’ll tell you why a website is important for your company’s growth and 8 benefits of having one.

Here’s the thing: we live in a digital era where a professionally designed website can showcase your products or services to new and existing clients 24 hrs a day, the 365 days of the year.


Because with the way people research for local businesses, having a website where they can find yours is key.

Here’s the data:

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In other words, consumers expect companies to have an online presence and will consider a company that doesn’t have one as less professional.

So, if nowadays people go online to find a business and you want them to choose yours, then you need a website.

What’s holding you back from getting your own website?

Some common objections you may have as a small business owner or entrepreneur are:

  • “I already have a social media page setup for my business with a big following and a 4+ star rating”
  • “Isn’t my Facebook page my website?”
  • “Web design services must be very expensive, the budget is tight right now”
  • “Business is great, I have a loyal client base already, I don’t need a website”
  • “I’d like to build my own website but I don’t know where or how to start”

I see your point, but let me tell you how can a website help to boost your business, by explaining 8 benefits.


There are short and long term benefits that a website can provide to your business, such as:

1 Reach new audiences.

A website can help to get your company in front of new eyeballs: not only those who are on social media (like Facebook), but also on the most important search engines (like Google, Bing, DuckduckGo).

By performing effective SEO techniques, your business can appear on search engines for natural (unpaid) search results.

2 Create a new source of revenue.

Having a website opens the possibility to generate income from new sources like selling digital products or services, affiliate marketing, donations, and others. And even though hard work is required to set you up for ecommerce, it’s a long term benefit that’s worth the effort.

3 Be accessible to your clients.

While sometimes social media platforms are down or maybe even stop being popular, your audience can engage with you on your website anytime they want to.

Facebook and Instagram are down for the day? No problem! People can still find you on your website. 👍

4 Establish credibility

Imagine you’re a big success on Instagram with your fashion sense or your photography talent, and then you start getting the attention of big brands. Where would you like them to see your portfolio or send to you an email? 🤔

Well, I’m sure you’d like to refer them to a beautiful professional website where they can see who you are, your work, and some testimonials. That’s right, you want them to see your business is an authentic one. A website can help you build credibility.

See How to build online credibility for your business

5 Create authority in your industry

By publishing content regularly on your website about your knowledge on a topic, you’ll be seen as the leading expert in your niche. Moreover, you can promote that content to other social media channels, right from your website.

6 Cultivate trust for your business

Blogging regularly about your craft and sharing it with your audience by email or social media, can help you build a connection with them. In other words, building trust for your business is a benefit you want to cultivate on the long term. See “Why Start a Blog for My Business?”

7 Brand positioning

By building a website with a consistent look and feel, people will start recognizing your business or brand among a sea of competitors.

8 Keep your audience

By implementing an Email Marketing System (EMS) on your website, you can collect and most importantly keep your audience’s emails. So in the worst-case scenario where your favorite social media channel disappears, you still get to keep your audience (followers, subscribers).


So now you’re probably wondering: “Should I hire an agency, a web designer, an online marketing consultant?”, “Will it be too expensive?” “Should I build it myself?”, “Should I use a free or a paid DIY website builder?”

Well, your decision will depend on 3 things: your budget, your time and your willingness to learn.

If you have any questions about how to start building your website, I’d be happy to help!


Having your own website will open up new possibilities for your small business to grow! From reaching your ideal clients, to creating new streams of income, it can help you establish your business credibility in a competitive world.

Having said that, grab your spot in the digital world and get a website for your business!


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